Genres: action, comedy, drama, romance, supernatural

Story – 4.8

By far, one of my favorites. This world of Angel Beats! is something else. When you are first presented with the story, you feel along with Yuzuru confused as to what to make of a place where you can’t really die. Which in turn leads to many funny scenes with that concept.
The show starts a little slowly but really kicks into gear when Yuzuru joins Yuri’s SSS (meaning Afterlife Battlefront in Japanese). Very quickly you realize Angel Beats! is not like any other comedy. Everyone in the show has some grave background that led them here. The issues they grapple with towards their view of God and the pleasant push towards not just accepting their former lives but being thankful for their short time, is tremendous. Each one of the characters are well thought out and sufficient time is spent on them and building Yuzuru’s character simultaneously.

Sure, the whole background of the world of Angel Beats! is slightly off reality, but that shouldn’t deter you from its overarching themes that are as serious as they are satisfying.

Emotional Draw – 4.6

Very nicely done. While the beginning is just strangely hilarious, there is no end of the fun for this show. I like Angel Beats! transition to a more serious dialogue and the emotional scenes were done really well, especially the ending. My favorite scenes are in the underground tunnel to the SSS’s secret hideout. There is a lot to like here.

Characters – 4.97

Yuzuru Otonashi – 5.0

To be sure, a great Hero. Yuzuru is one of those guys that you instantly like. He’s also not an idiot, and because of his loyalty to people he comes off as a really strong, kind character. He’s really funny and interacts well with everyone in this zany world. I love his emotional scenes and the ending was spectacular on his part. My favorite parts are after he realizes what this world is for. He’s so patient and kind, helping the others find what he has discovered, that you can’t help but feel for him at the end. It’s just genius.

Yuri Nakamura – 4.9

This show just melts with good acting. She is so hilarious throughout the show, and is really strong through her emotional parts. I think in revealing her reasons for trying to rebel against God gave the show its seriousness, but was such a redeeming factor when Yuri acknowledges what Yuzuru sees. Without a doubt, her charming, independent personality will have you falling for her.

Tenshi/Kanade Tachibana – 5.0

Another spectacular character, Miss Tachibana is a great addition. Her quiet demeanor is hard to hate when you meet her, and the show’s melodic path that they take to get to know her is something genius. Her friendship with Yuzuru is done so well, I really can’t think of much she fails. Kudos to Angel Beats!

Creativity – 4.4

Again this show scores well. Every episode has its own special scenes and the artwork is amazing. I love Tachibana’s wings and the settings here. There is a lot of stuff put in here, and you’d have to watch it twice I think to get everything. Solid.

Final Score – 4.7


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