Review: Aquarion Evol

Genres: action, drama, fantasy, romance, science fiction

Aquarion EVOL

Plot Summary: Twelve Thousand years have passed since Genesis Aquarion. The story of Apollo and Silvia have become a child’s story made into a film called “Skies of Aquaria”, but fate does not forget. A new threat from the planet Altair where abductors come to Earth supposedly to harvest humans. Neo-DEAVA the Aquaria Academy however exists to train those who can use Aquaria called Elementals, but they cannot merge the genders together due to Guize stones, which block the “unholy union”. Our story follows a familiar hero named Amata and his newfound friend Mikono as they enroll in Neo-DEAVA to stop the threat from Altair.

NOTE: Often times the translation of Japanese shows into English changes the spelling of names slightly. In order to remain as accurate as I can, I have chosen to use the original Dubbed Company’s word on the spelling:

Silvia is the same as Sylvie, and Apollo is the same as Apollon. Altair is also the same world Altea.

Story – 4.7

      I must say that at first I was very much against watching Aquarion Evol after the first series had left such a bitter taste. Aquarion Evol did what The Genesis of Aquarion could not in finishing what was started and ending very satisfactory. Not that I require a show to end all happy but Evol was satisfying since the ending was logical and actually delved outside the norm. Much like the former, Aquarion Evol is was fun to watch, only now throughout the series. Lastly, Aquarion Evol differs in its focus on love and betrayal as well as unrequited love.

      Now from a first glance, the greatest difference between the series is just how much the characters progress in Evol. It seems every character has significance and that the characters we follow also progress as the show goes on. Even the Digging Buddy of Amata, Andy, is not just a ploy for fan-service, but actually develops into a man as he very convincingly falls in love with a extremely proper Mix. Another example involves a girl who’s elemental power allows her to become invisible. Her name is Yunoha Thrul and while the episode involves a mysterious puppet scaring Zessica and Amata (lets just say Zessica really likes Amata) in the middle of the night, she proves to not only be a great character, but have significant impact to the story as we’ll check out later.

     Another strong point for Aquarion Evol is transitions are solid, and each episode save two are very well put. I say two since they did appear rather cheesy: one involves the heroes and heroines when merging (since obviously the ban couldn’t stop fate) stripping down to their skivvies to fight better and the other as I mentioned about Yunoha Thrul who can magically disappear. But these episodes were not just slapped on as lazy writing or a joke, but actually contributed significantly to the story after Mix was kidnapped, which I found pleasantly surprising.

      Still comparing, the “merging” of the minds of the pilot Elements was done very respectfully and really fit the series well. I can’t tell you how happy I was about this. In Evol the merging itself is put on the back-burner, though not forgotten. This meant there wasn’t the unholy distraction of the elements moaning and wondering what sort of show people think you are watching as they hear the Elements merge. It also helped that much of the randomness of singing doesn’t appear in Evol and that when it does happen it actually makes sense!

      But before I get lost, the Moral Barometer Measurement: Language does occur every now and then. Mostly its the usual for TV-14. There is a moment where a very important protagonist uses the “f” word several times, so be aware of that. Also, a main Heroine Zessica goes around in a skimpy outfit and at times attempts to embarrass Amata our hero, but I felt the exchanges were relatively minor and didn’t interfere much with the show. There of course is the humorous ‘man stumbles into women or gets in awkward position’ encounters, but it all felt realistic, even if still partially immature. Honestly, Evol keeps a very proper outlook on both the fair sex and men, as well as the appraised morals of the series and shouldn’t be considered much of a problem.

      Jumping into the story, we are introduced to our familiar red haired man this time named Amata Sora, who like the former show keeps his ability to fly a secret and meets by chance a girl named Mikono Suzushiro, only this time in a Theatre where they become fast friends. I liked the reminiscence the show nods to Genesis of Aquarion throughout the series, and actually made me partly appreciative in having seen the former. The subtly in which many of the characters are similar from the first series was a brilliant move when the story-line proves way different than the first. Evol occurs 12 thousand years after the former, and instead of Angels coming to snatch people, we have a strange human race from the planet Altair attempting to abduct people from the story’s planet Vega. Wait…if your wondering why its called Vega now, well that indeed a good question. But lets hold off that for now. Now Amata and Mikono, like the former, are forced by fate to fly a mechanized robot called Aquaria to defend themselves and end up becoming members of an organization called Neo-DEAVA. The pilots are called Elements, have themselves powers of their own, and Neo-DEAVA forbids men and women from merging via a special stone called a Guize stone. Oh yeah, and lets not forget that two members of the original series come back, namely Zen Fudo the commander and the vampire Crea Dolosera, and a third who appears to be the reincarnation of the angel Toma in Mykage Towano. What’s amazing about the latter statement is that Zen isn’t annoying and his character’s mysterious nature is delved into a bit.

     A strong theme in the series comes from Amata and Kagura, his antagonist for Mikono’s love. Kagura, who is being bewitched by the wicked angelic Mykage, keeps coming to Vega and stirring up trouble. Despite the fact that the king of Altair is infuriated at the two of them for interfering, Kagura seems bent on getting to Mikono (who he calls Sylvie) and so challenges Amata repetitively. Now Kagura is constantly smelling for that wretched scent that is his Sylvie(who is in fact Mikono), so when he noticed in the beginning how Amata has no scent, it brings up a strange reality. Just what is Amata? I thought the mystery was especially compelling. While I don’t want to spoil this yet, for sure the two men are connected, and throws up the question of fate in a wrench as somehow both men have memory of Silvia. This primary theme of fate is fully developed in the series, and the show reminds the viewers how fate is not a matter of what you have done, but what you choose to be now. This attention to the now adds further excitement to whom is more deserving of Mikono as well as what Zessica holds romantically (there is in fact 2 love triangles in Evol).

      As the story progresses with Jin Muso, the last son of Altair, now trying his hand at finding the rare Igura (the Eve they need), you have some of the best story-telling in the series. Ok, so maybe part of it is just how much I enjoyed seeing Jin Muso get all uncomfortable around the Iguras in the academy, but I really thought Jin’s motives and personal conflicts played out very well. What I found rather interesting was that Jin proves to have elemental powers as those on Vega, and the mystery behind this, along with the willful acceptance of a potential spy by Fudo, challenges his world view and whether Altair is even doing the right thing. Jin happens to think Yunoha is the one, and I liked how even though he is conflicted, you have a great discussion on what friendship means related to redemption. So when Jin does make his move and takes Yunoha through the portal to Altair, his decision coming after entering made the series that much better. For me, such a fath in the audience to still be able to like Jin after his betrayal is important, and I thought what happened next just seemed to push Evol to bigger and better heights.

      Now, at the same time that Jin is figuring out what is the right thing to do, Zessica, fast in love with the one she knows can never be hers, is in such a sad state that she allows her sadness over not being picked by fate to have that evil Angel Mykage use her mirror to talk to her. Sadly, and yet awesome for the viewer, all of this turmoil in Zessica’s mind has caused her to be so desperate she accepts the offer of coming to Altair and is cursed by Mykage. I loved how the show refused to tell you what that meant, and how whenever Mykage acted on it how tragic things were becoming fast. The high point for Zessica comes when the King of Altair comes to Vega (Altair is near its folding point as a dying world), she tries to defiantly offer herself as the rare Igura…unfortunately Mix is taken instead of her…and Zessica’s misery is worsened. It really is some great storytelling and.

      Just before Mix gets kidnapped, in a prior episode we see Zen Fudo (who clearly isn’t human) set up a training exercise that involves a day at an island to relax. Naturally that includes bathing suits and the like, but I’m getting ahead of myself. See, Andy, the best friend of Amata, has the ability to carve holes, and is constantly trying to get to the other side of the Academy despite the prohibition on love. At this point in the series he has found the affection of Mix, the local feminist, and was hoping to secure Mix’s affection to him by asking her to be serious after they finished the fight against Altair. I really liked how to Aquarion Evol, doing it isn’t the end all and his attempt to speak his mind comes off more effectively to the audience. It is unfortunate for Andy that he is a digging elemental, so when he uses his plugging hole’s metaphor on Mix…well….it sorta comes out very wrong. After getting slapped in the face by a semi, Andy now despairs over this, and the rift proves too much when Zessica’s curse becomes active again. Mix is kindapped, and Andy very pathetically blames himself for the whole affair. What I found so compelling is while Andy is near to finding his answer on the issue, he has a moment where he thinks wishfully of Mix and thinks how much he “will miss seeing those breasts”. Immediately Andy is convicted of this, and in anger declares how foolish it is for him to think so selfishly. That Evol had the courage to make this point about lust was much appreciated. Lust is about you and what you want from someone, and any “interest” in the other is further intended just to meet your needs. Its not everyday a show admits that lusting after someone isn’t the same as falling in love and earns some extra awesome points.

      Now after the disaster in Altair (the attempt to get Mix fails), Kagura creates such a muck on Altair, that when Mykage forces open the portal to Vega, he is banished from Altair. Amata himself has another encounter with Kagura around the same time Neo-DEAVA discovers the original Aquarion, and the stage is set for the finale. Now switching back to Vega, Fudo has gone missing and Mikono charges herself to find him. I was pleased that the reason Zen Fudo always seemed to know the answers to thing is because he is literally an angelic being. Oh yeah, lets not forget he always likes to take metaphors about Donuts (I think I’ve heard them all from the two series), although take it from me they are innocent in Evol. Anyways, Mikono finds Zen Fudo, and he tells all all the core people at Neo-DEAVA the story of Aquarion by magically having them see a giant book of history. Amata and Zessica are also shown through their ships the same info, and what a revealing explanation! Yes, it is cool to retell the story, but oh man how the twist on Apollo! When I first heard that he is the faithful companion Pollon to Apollonius, I was floored…it certainly makes more sense of the dog-like characteristics of Apollo and Kagura. Add that Mykage is responsible for the splitting of Amata into two people was awesome!

      Speaking of twisted, you see, both worlds in Aquarion Evol are the same from 12,000 years…but through a series of events they have been essentially split. Now that the time of fruition is near, Altair was given a curse from the Creator in Aquarion which wiped out all the women. The reason, it is revealed when Amata sets foot in Altair (thanks in part to Yunoha’s invisibility powers), the search for the true Eve is because any woman who is not thus will either die shortly after entering Altair or suffers the ‘ultimate” curse of becoming a man! Talk about a dark twist in the story. Worse of all, Mix, whom Andy is searching for, is mistaken for a young man since her body has already changed along with her mind! The show, as you’ll note, scores points for declaring unashamedly what the ultimate curse is for a woman.

      Looking at the end of the show, Mykage is the real villain in the series. He is, as Fudo revealed, the epitome of the regret of Toma from beforehand….and before that the former lover of Apollonus. I won’t spoil the scenes with the King of Altair after Amata confronts him the second time, but suffice to say it was pretty legit. Somewhere in that twisted mind the former angel is quite content to destroy all life because he wants revenge on Apollo whom he feels abandoned and deceived him twice. Evol makes its point to explain the disillusion which Genesis of Aquarion ends with, and impresses on its viewer the importance of remembering your friends. While not all of us will come back from the dead to slay a former lover’s ancestors (ok, so none of us), the main theme in the series is revealed to be about two things: The first point is that sins do in fact affect beyond the grave. Certainly commitments or the needful expression of love needs to be given, it is important to realize that just being left behind if very hard on those who must stay. That Silvia felt left behind and that Toma felt deceived from the dog of his lover….its a brutal picture that you can actually understand to a limited point why Mykage would be so enraged. The second point in the series really has to do with what love means. Often times the greatest sinner is just in need of some love…even if that love comes at a price…because no one is above salvation. Yes, Mykage will not receive this love, but for Zessica who is being manipulated by Mykage, the beautiful redemption was wondrous.

       Truly, Aquarion Evol was on a roll. One of the best scenes in the film occurs between Andy and Mix. Mix, as you know was turned into a girl upon coming to Altair, so when Andy is finally able to track her down and remind her of her former self, Mix comes to her senses. Mix naturally feels ashamed for not being a girl anymore and Andy encourages her that he loves her more than her body. That Mix might never become a girl again will not stop Andy, because to Andy, Mix is the girl of his dreams. Just like God sees us, we all have been made in the image of Himself. There is nothing that we can do to change that nor can we truly escape who we really are, as we see in Mix’s case. Our Andy will always come to speak to us. Of course, Mix’s body returns to its proper self after the curse on Altair is lifted and ends full circle, but the affirmation of Andy for his unconditional love for Mix is powerful and sweet.

      Since I’ve already let the cat out of the bag with Mykage getting defeated, Mykage at this point has possessed Zessica fully and essentially knocks out Kagura and Mikono, bending their minds to himself as he operated Aquarion to destroy both worlds. The fight scenes pitting Mykage against everyone else is made a bit cheesy with the manifestations of the dead heroes coming to “help” with their auroras against Mykage. but I won’t hold it much to the series since to actually declare victory, Amata himself, by himself is the one to take down the villain and save the world. To be fair, Mykage being defeated doesn’t quite explain the planets not hitting each other, and a second look makes it appear that the two planets now share the same solar system. But who’s complaining, you know?

     With Mykage being defeated, his spirit looks for another body to take over and he spots Zen on a piece of Altair floating in space and tries to take over. Good thing Zed Fudo is more of an angelic being, and is easily able to consume the darkened spirit and give it rest finally. I thought this was a nice touch to the clearly almost divine character Zen was, and once again proved that every character has a point in Evol. Of equal importance is the salvation that Zessica is given from her actions. Although clearly still sad, she has accepted that Amata has chosen Mikono over her….although not entirely ignoring the fact she is next to the other side of Amata. While there seems to be a lack of closure in her arc, the series isn’t actually about Zessica per se, although the parallels are very similar In a way, Zessica’s salvation prevents another potential rehash of love unrequited, and I felt the show ends very sweetly.

     As you can tell, I really don’t want to spoil too much in the series because so much of the story felt magical. Throughout Aquarion Evol, you will see romances bloom with almost every character and I loved how Zen Fudo explains that the reason for Aquarion is because it was to remind people the fact men and women are two parts of the same whole (yes, a donut is used again)., that they were meant for each other from the beginning. I loved how Aquarion has the guts to not include any homosexual characters and felt doing so really kept the purity of Evol to its fullest potential. We are made in the image of God and marriage itself is meant to picture that, so not obscuring this all-encompassing nature of Aquarion was very good writing to keep the themes and morals clear. All of this just makes the whole discussion on destiny and choices very sweetly done, and is sure to get the viewer into the show that much more. Kudos to shows with courage!

Emotional Draw – 4.7

      A show for the ages…yes, I can say that pun with confidence.. Aquarion Evol is a show of romances, of high points and low points…and in almost every scene there is great tenderness in approach to make sure the emotions are played out just right. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to watch Evol and how much I was impressed by its timeless themes of a forever love and what friendships can truly bring out of people. There were so many times I cheered and shouted in my heart for the characters in Evol, and that is always a big sign of how successful a show is.

     You want romances? You got it. Lets start with Andy first, since we already mentioned him. Other than Amata’s and Mikono’s romancing, Andy and Mix make the best couple in the series. Their friendship starting around Mix plugging the wholes Andy creates, and that had me laughing a lot. That Andy was able to rescue Mix and express his love to her, is made even better as Andy intends to go all the way and marry Mix. But lets not forget that Andy develops into a more honorable man, and you see that there is a purpose in the potential union. I really liked that about Aquarion Evol a lot: There is no vain thought that just having sex equates to the purest love (although in a marriage it certainly is the culmination of that love), and I think this actually helped the series maintain its innocence whenever the awkward comedy would come forward (anyone say Zessica?).

      Then there is Yunoha and Jin. While the romancing was already touched on somewhat (it was great), what I really found impressive was seeing how Jin Muso died tragically in the fight against Vega with Yunoha in his arms. That was such a legitimate scene. I loved how Evol has Jin first go through the portal with the episode ending to really peak your interest, only to throw your emotions into a tizzy when Jin tragically pays for doing the right thing with his life. That Evol decided to paint a beautiful yet tragic scene with Yunoha was exactly what was called for, and yet is made even better as the show doesn’t abandon any of the characters by letting us see how Yunoha realistically struggles with Jin’s death. It should be noted that Yunoha had a similar problem as Jin in that she pushed everyone away. So when Yunoha sees how much she can relate to Jin really helped make the loss seem that much more real.

     Another death scene worth mentioning is Shrade’s. Shrade is a friend of Mikono’s brother Cayenne, and together you can parcel out the personality of Sirius from the first series. Shrade is sadly a sickly man who uses the last bit of his strength at a crucial moment to propel Amata and Zessica to their intended places when they get stuck in the portal going to Altair just before Zen Fudo explains the history of Aquarion. While the fact that Shrade in his best moments seems to have died for nothing, the scene was very touching watching Shrade slip from this world into the next.

     The last romance I’ll mention is sort of a spoiler, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to be spoiled: Remember how Zessica was possessed and Kagura and Mikono are on the same Aquarion? Kagura at this point awakes to a scene where Zessica is entrapped in a cage much like a Venus Fly Trap plant. He’s asked by Zessica to kill her, since Zessica knows her crimes are high and claims this is the only way to stop Mykage from killing everyone. Kagura, who is trying to find himself fully, at first seems to have no problem chocking her to death…however, Kagura, seeing Zessica’s wretched state and perhaps being convicted from his realization of who he really is, takes pity on the girl refuses to do the deed. Let me tell you, that scene with the two of them was so fantastic! Kagura is truly a great guy, he just needed to be prodded in the right direction. It was so tender seeing Kagura say no to the idea of killing Zessica and just made the series continue on its high point. Afterwards we are strongly hinted of the fate of Zessica and Apollo was split in two? Well, now that Kagura is on the good guys side, Zessica can have her own side of Amata that she was really wanting. Its a twisty way of presenting a romantic interest, but as we see the ending scenes roll out, it just makes that whole affair with Zessica stick out spectacularly.

     As for the humor side of Aquarion Evol, well its going to obviously be related to romance, but there is enough humor outside this domain to also laugh at. Though really, it is quite funny what occurs. Whether its Amata constantly floating whenever he feels embarrassed (which Mikono thought he only floated for her), or the funny antics of Andy trying to get to the girl’s side of the Academy only to have his whole repetitively filled in “mysteriously” by Mix. It all remained true to the show, and I felt fit the mood of the series.

     The only major thing that this section notes negatively would be those convenient manifestations at the end. That did seem to lose the show a bit of steam for being convenient. No one likes an amazingly convenient event to occur, and the whole Jin/Shrade souls coming to the aid of our heroes at the last fight was just lazy writing. It probably didn’t help that the fighting scene proceeding this was also equally uninspired, but that was quickly deleted from memory with the scene with Kagura and Zessica, as well as the rest of the show.

     You want to talk about endings? Aquarion Evol, unlike its former, knows how to close a series. In fact, the whole idea of having Amata and Mikono express their true feelings towards each other in order to give Amata the power of Solar Wing to defeat Mykage was awesome! The emotions spilling out for Love was very sweet, and seeing peace between Altair by the curse being removed, was great. Even better, that beach scene at the end before the photo op of all the gang was truly special. I loved how the beautiful outlay of the sun setting over the ocean waters gave way to Amata and Mikono returning! Ah… a good ending is truly heartwarming.

Characters: 4.8

Amata at his best Amata and Mikono together againAmata Sora -4.9

      Like any good series, the sequel includes the former cast, and for Aquarion Evol no exception is made Quite literally the whole cast was brought back to Aquarion Evol. Christopher Bevins reprises his role as Amata Sora. I thought Christopher did an excellent job nailing his role wherever the story lead our hero. He’s a great guy who is the descendant of Apollo. Amata has a problem of floating whenever he experiences extreme feelings…especially embarrassment…all to the enjoyment of his viewers. He really likes Mikono but just isn’t able to bring himself to expressing his feelings and needs help from his best friend Andy. Easy to like and fun to shout on, be sure to keep your seats when you hear that familiar “Aquarion” shout.

Kagura Young KaguraKagura Demuri – 4.8

     The other half of Amata literally, Kagura has been imprisoned by Mykage all this time. While he unable to express his words right, he is desperately in love with Mikono as Silvia. Fate brings him to Amata and with a few other events he has the opportunity to choose for himself for the first time what he really wants to do. Taliesin Jaffe does an excellent job on Kagura at every turn. From one moment you hate Kagura’s guts to the next where you cheer him on, I really was impressed with Jaffe’s ability to command his voice as needed.

Mikono embarrassed Mikono upsetMikono Suzushiro – 4.8

     Mikono is that innocent girl you’ve always wanted to meet. She’s may be at first unsure of herself, but Mikono is full of spirit when it matters most. She’s constantly assuming the worst from Amata, but that might just be because she possesses strong feelings towards him and just doesn’t know how to say it. Seeing as Brina Palencia also played Silvia, it made perfect sense to bring her back. I was very much impressed with her performance throughout the series and never got annoyed at hearing that soft voice. Well done character by a well-accomplished actress.

Unrequitted Love Zessica exhaustedZessica Wong – 5.0

     Having played the lady Chloe Click from the previous series, Caitlin Glass was promoted to play the ever lively Zessica. I thought her performance was outstanding in every scene and really got into her character. Zessica is always wearing a skimpy outfit from the first time we meet her, and although she does put on a little more later on, its really because Zessica is looking for her match made in heaven. Unfortunately for Zessica, the man whom she dreams of does not share the same feelings, and this ultimately causes her to almost lose everything. Great character, definitely felt worth investing in.

Mykage the weird MykageTowano Mykage – 5.0

    I can’t think of a major voice portrayal that J. Michael Tatum has ever failed at. The man is a genius at capturing his characters, whether they are a Keisei Tagami, Scar, or a Rintaro Okabe, he just rocks the acting world. No one can say the biggest words with such clarity and conviction as Tatum can. He makes the angelic phantom quite the villainous character that Mykage is. Ruthless as you can get just to get back at the woman who spurned his former self 24,000 years ago and who’s dog deceived him again 12,000 years prior to Aquarion Evol….man…does this angel hold a grudge.

Embarrassed Mix Miss MixMix – 4.6

      Still a young one at the Anime casting world, Alexis Tipton played Mix very well. There were a few moments you might say didn’t quite come across right, but whenever it counted Tipton had your back. She plays a stuck-up feminist in the series who is calmed by the last person you’d think possible: Andy. Mix is often seen as bossy in the series, but honestly a lot of her hatred towards men comes from her no-good father. Something that Andy is able to overcome very romantically. So when Mix falls under the curse of Altair, you can be sure her arc is as appealing as she is in the series.

Andy at his ultimate best The ever romantic AndyAndy W. Hole – 5.0

      A slight pervert (not really) when it comes to getting to the ladies, Andy is all heart and a worthy friend. He befriends Amata early on and convinces him to be his Digging Buddy to get to the girls side of the academy where he’s saying they are waiting for him. Andy is always talking in hole metaphors since that is his Elemental Power and sometimes that gets him into trouble. Josh Grelle does a fantastic job with Andy, nailing every chance he got. Really now, the acting in this series was fantastic.

Cayanne worried Cayenne angryCayenne Suzushiro – 4.3

      Jason Liebrecht comes back to Aquarion and this time plays the brother of Mikono…he is as solid as you’d want in a series. Cayenne is a strict older brother who is quick to throw his weight around with Amata to ensure he has the right attitude about Mikono. His Elemental Power gives him the ability to foresee as opposed to clairvoyance as Sirius did in Genesis.

Shrade at his coolest Shrade in bedShrade Elan – 4.8

       While you might be asking why did Eric Vale not get the Cayenne role as Mikono’s brother…in truth Shrade has a lot more similarities to the old Sirius beyond being a blonde. A sickly man who can only use Aquaria at the risk of his life, Shrade is always looking for the perfect songs for his symphony he is writing, even if that means he must go to the grave to get it. I though Eric Vale did a great job on Shrade and made his character quite memorable.

Creativity: 4.9

     Artistically, Aquarion Evol looks much more polished than Genesis of Aquarion. All of the fighting has been upgraded with the Aquaria becoming a standard fighting method for Vega, and I liked how the Elementals could realize their power in different stages. Of equal importance was how the show would point back to the origin, even to the point of including snap scenes of the greatest moments from Genesis in a manner that felt very appropriate and I said felt nicely reminiscent of the good qualities of the show. Heck, at the ending episode we are even treated to the original fan-favorite song Genesis of Aquarion by Akino. Without a doubt one of the best songs written for Anime shows. Just listening to that song gets me all excited along with much of the rest of the OST from Aquarion Evol!!!

     Choreography was solid and pleasant to watch. I wouldn’t say spectacular, but it definitely was fun. It was fun seeing all the different formations Aquaria and Aquarion formed into, and as always I love the launch pad our heroes fly off. Legit stuff. There also are some great scenes like the last beach scene or the photo op at the end that ought to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

      Music however did hit the fabulous point. Aquarion Evol definitely took time to make sure all of its elements were accurately portrayed, and this added to the success of the series. Just take a look at their Opening and the Ending Songs: Opening Songs begins with my favorite song in the series “Kimi no Shinwa—Aquarion Dai Ni Shō” by AKINO with bless4. All the energy you need to get into the mood for Aquarion is easily present in this masterpiece. The second Opening song isn’t quite as glorious, but is still feels very energetic like the first.

     Then we move into the ending songs. Candidly, there were too many great songs written, so I am sure the director had a tough decision on what songs to put where…but I think he nailed it at the end by reintroducing the first Ending song  “Gekkou Symphonia by AKINO & AIKI from bless4 was my favorite…talk about an instant classic for duets. Gekkou has all the splendor of the series and also instills a measure of desperation you can imagine Apollo and Silvia had before as Amata and Mikono shared in Aquarion Evol. Then you have “Yunoha no Mori by Yui Ogura, played after Jin’s tragic death for a number of episodes in the ending. “Aquaria Mau Sora” by Yoko Kanno. Performed by The Member of LSOT. That song’s majestic yet tragic sounding track is sure to bring some quality emotions to the front as you hear hints of it throughout the series and finally the full towards the end. Thankfully, Gekkou Symphonia was chosen to end the series!!! Talk about some instant classic songs…totally worth a buy for the OST alone. 😀

      One last thing to mention, would have to be the whole ‘Evol’ thing in Aquarion Evol. I have to say I didn’t even notice its just backwards for Love…but that’s the kind of innocent awesomeness of Evol that truly left me spell-blinded. he he. (any reference to a US film involving a panda is totally coincidental).

Overall Grade: 4.75

(Aquarion Evol is truly a masterpiece in rare form. From its highly superior romancing to the way it handled the “merging” process, to once again the way it closes the series masterfully. Undoubtedly highly recommended.)



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