Ga-Rei-Zero is a series that could not escape its own rotting attempt to pollute the audience with its hedonism and inconsistent story-telling that is more fitting of propaganda than it was at sharing a tale. Generally, I refrain from writing about shows abandoned early, but Ga-Rei-Zero deserves special mention for the way the show manifested its base desire for pleasure.

      We begin with the first episode, which is honestly a pilot episode, aside from the ending scene where everyone dies. The whole point was to setup a female villain named Yomi Isayama, her reasons supposedly convoluted. However, instead of doing this, the show invests in several doomed characters by spending time in their minds, an odd choice considering none of their memories will be treated as important for the rest of the series after Yomi cruelly kills everyone of them.

Not that this says much, since the second episode was inexplicably lame in both its presentation and in its predictability. Kagura Tsuchimiya, the main heroine, is similar to our doomed special units of the previous episode, and finds herself face to face against her former friend, Yomi. Tragically, Kagura is not particularly good at her career, a whiney creature who conveniently is able to defend herself from Yomi, despite actually GOOD fighters being bested easily by the villain. 

Perhaps the fault in translation, everything is further async by the boring, predictable sob “why” cries from Kagura, with more crying and slicing… Was this meant to empathize or develop disdain for our heroine? We do get from the garbled talk that Yomi is something of a sister to Kagura, and so this holds a little interest for the next few episodes.

      The 3rd episode repeats the last scene in the previous one (where Yomi appears to possibly kill Kagura), and proceeds to start the show over from the beginning of the two main character’s lives… only, it starts through the protagonist’s eyes, and not the actual main character we spend with…. what?!?!? No idea why, just whatever the author felt like, I guess. Honestly, they coups have started here and the story would not have missed a beat. But even this was not good enough for the predictable, irritable, and unlikable setting that we are forced to enter via a school. Yes, Yomi sort of adopts Kagura as her sister, a sort of tragic friendship that was supposed to humanize both characters. But does it really? Not if fanservice has its say in it, and we end up no more liking either woman in its conclusion. For Kagura has always been a complainer it seems and Yomi…is a bit too handsay with her ‘sister’.

     Which, takes us to the 4th episode…where it becomes plain the true intention of Yomi’s befriending of Kagura. Although Yomi claims to have wanted a sister, it is apparent that her definition of ‘sister’ also includes expressly torturing poor Kagura with her bisexual advances. One scene in particular bad taste is in a Hummer while the two are on their way to a job hunting spirits. Being competitive girls, Kagura and Yomi have a straw treat with which they fight for the last piece by each eating one side of it. But neither side wants to give so instead of letting go, Yomi decides its much cooler to continue and suck on Kagura’s face while simultaneously pushing her over in the car and writhing in the back to Kagura’s protests. Oh, and did I mention her future fiance was IN THE FRONT SEAT? What gives, how can Yomi even consider herself true to him ever if she’s busy sexually abusing a younger woman? And her horny Fiance fares hardly better, apparently obtaining role as the noble one, engaged to a real hedonist.

  And as if not to leave any demographic out, the show also makes the driver of the Hummer into a homosexual himself, by the way he gets off looking at the embarrassed but lusting fiance’s rear-end. What the heck… At this point, the recollection of Kagura’s comment of loving Yomi in the 2nd episode comes off potentially homosexual…or at least greatly confused. What is Yomi? Does she love her Fiance? Or is this some sick way of having threesomes or foursomes? The clarity is not there.

Either way, none of this is good or acceptable. In fact, due to the author trying to include everything, nothing is delivered as memorable except the sensual, pornographic material in the show.

      The latter statement goes to the 5th episode, which is where I stopped. For 4 episodes, Ga-Rei-Zero gives some respect towards our characters, only to immediately forsake all decency in a laughably intimate talk between Yomi and Kagura in the bathroom. So let’s go ahead and start with the angle peek at Kagura’s backside, and then completely go for the home run…Only thing missing was of course the final piece usually saved for actual porn. Which, so far is about as deep and sensuous the show was shooting for.

Morals be dammed in this series. The bath scene affords nothing of importance to the show, despite the buildup, instead throwing clearly sexual molestation as bait in the switch…and where I jumped ship. 

What trash…there was no identity from the start and no sense of direction, either morally or story-wise for half the show. So the natural question is what perverted soul wrote this thing? It’s like each episode was just there for the next episode to push the moral boundaries some more and hardly anything else more.

      Once you stray outside God’s morality, stories immediately suffer from the lack of moral direction. Plots become aimless, because ultimately the reasoning boils down to whim and fancy of the main character, who invents morality to suit his or her purpose.

Can we be surprised? Life definitely does not run the same way this show attempts to make us believe. Every moral virtue is bumbling around, offering little sanity to the way God’s world truly is. It is not that this show fails to recreate our world in another image…a story may yield this to its strength…but rather that the show has no boundary to its own justice to have any value to the audience. Unless hedonism is a viture,the show is just visual junk food filled with sexual innuendos and images. Not even its own serious dialogue could escape its own horny intentions.

Final Verdict: Banned.

(Ultimately, Ga-Rei-Zero is filth and has no value because of its love of hedonism and sinfulness. Last I checked, sisters aren’t sexual massage room adventures, and I will not make any exceptions that hover anywhere near that.)