Genre: comedy, drama, romance, supernatural. Themes:  goddesses, gods, harem, magical girlfriend

Ah! My Goddess!

Keiichi Morisato is looking forward to university life. Yet sadly he has no luck in anything, whether clubs, love, you name it. One day, Keiichi is stuck in the dorm having to do a mountain of chores his friends left him upon agreement. Good thing he’s a good-natured person, and sets about doing everything. As he nears the end, Keiichi remembers he needs to call someone. But upon dialing, he ends up connecting to the ‘Goddess Help Line.’ Shortly afterwards, a beautiful goddess named Belldandy appears in front of him from the mirror of his room.


Here is a unique comedy that offers humor with a heavenly touch. Literally.
Unlike other Romantic Dramas, Ah! My Goddess! has some substance for its different episodes that draw you in. (oh yeah, I just dissed Twilight).

Since this world is in light of the Gods and Goddesses of the old world Europe, it seemed appropriate that what is “right” feels legalistic. The whole idea of Keiichi’s good works earning him a wish from the “Goddess’ Help Line” I thought was consistent with the show, even if it seems hypocritical with the gods. Even if the world is somewhat backwards or off, so long as the morals praised are indeed moral, and that vile or lude lifestyle’s are not, then the show has a merit that will last the test of time. Such is the case with Ah! My Goddess!

Now the main Hero, Keiichi, is quite the good-hearted fella, and quickly gains your respect for the way he treats Belldandy and women in general. His outlook on life is basically do what you love and help those in need. While there is an aspect of his character that ends up childish in light of Keiichi’s affection for Belldandy, I think overall the innocence that Is Keiichi is really powerful in the end. He’s one great guy.

There isn’t exactly an arc in the show other than each episode builds up Keiichi’s courage to declaring his affection for Belldandy. While he never really says the magic words, I thought his conclusion with Belldandy was well done and ended excitedly towards the next season.

As regards to the Goddesses, it was engaging to see them all grow up one way or another. Even as the laughs came rolling on, the show still found ways to make good statements regarding things like the level of love or friendship one should have with others, and to define what being chaste was kinda about. Don’t get me wrong, while it may not have totally been perfect, I thought the show did excellent in giving life to the potential of what Romantic Drama can be.

Emotional Draw4.5

Normally I’m not one for drama, but Ah! My Goddess does a fantastic job making it entertaining. Each of the Goddesses (and Demon too) Keiichi meets, end up drag him into some pretty funny, and at times awkward, moments.

You have Miss Innocent as Belldandy and a sassy yet good-hearted Urd, and a jealous sister named Skuld who stalks Keiichi to stop him from doing anything “indecent”. Mix in a bumbling Demon and you have a pretty funny cast right there.
Some of my favorite scenes involve Urd’s potions going array and the “system force” in the early episodes. Quite comical and since both Keiichi and Belldandy are too naive when it comes to love, the stuff they get into (mostly Keiichi of course) just rolls on by smoothly and without a hitch.

If not for the last several episodes, I would have gladly declared this a masterpiece.
While Ah! My Goddess! excels at the laughs, it is safe to say that any serious action in the show is not its strength. The last arc with Urd was pretty cheesy even for a comedy, and felt like the writer didn’t really know how to end the show.

That being said, I thought the show finished strong with the last scene with Keiichi and Belldandy.


Keiichi – 5.0

Embarrased Keiichi Keiichi

Perfectly casted, The character’s desire to be honorable is very much likable and his interaction with the other Goddesses is very funny.
I really like the scenes where Keiichi is really thoughtful when it comes to meeting a need of a person. He was very sweet and had some great lines.
Yeah, he may just be a kid when it comes to romance, but being true to character makes Keiichi memorable.

Belldandy – 4.8

Belldande at ChristmasBelldande with an Attitude

The main focus of Keiichi’s affection, Belldandy’s voice hit very well. Her total innocence and constant faith in Keiichi was well received, and even though most of her romantic punches came off flat, Belldandy’s personality was awesome.
I loved how Belldandy and Keiichi interacted throughout the show, the romantic twinges coming very thoughtfully.
Overall, Belldandy made a very good angel.


Another Urd[

Urd – 4.6

A great addition to the show, Urd’s sassy and proud manner gave plenty of moments to laugh.
Good dubbing and the interacting was an instant classic. Ah the laughs. I particularly love any of the scenes involving Urd’s potions.
Perhaps Urd’s only downside was the ending arc, as her humility came off pretty stale and flat. Fortunately, this is a comedy, so it really didn’t matter that much. Kudos to a fun character.

Skuld – 4.2

Skuld happy skuld

While her first real arc was quite boring with that stupid droid she built for Belldandy, Skuld grows very quickly on the viewer for her innocent (yet deviant) protectiveness of Belldandy against the “devilish” hands of Keiichi. Very comical and cute throughout the show after that arc, I thought that Skuld was well done.
Acting was good throughout and her interaction with Keiichi made for some great comedy.


Ar first glance, the world of Ah! My Goddess is very straight and rough. I think it fits nicely with legalism that many of the Goddesses follow and sets a world that’s not too hard on the eyes. Once we got to Skuld, I believe the show takes on a more artistic approach.

Now the music was pretty decent, and helped out on a few scenes. One special note is that the music could be as corny (and thus funny) as a scene demanded, and helped you get into the laughing mood.

Overall Ah! My Goddess was sort of a normal look to it, but I felt this normalcy kinda helped you see from Keichi’s eyes a little more. At least, that’s how I saw it.
Pretty decent.

Final Score4.39

(A unique show that also won’t scare away your boyfriend with the drama, Ah! My Goddess! would make a great addition to your list)


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