Genres – Action, Comedy

Story – 2.0

Not exactly FMP! material. Too adult in some areas (seriously…I thought I was watching some R-rated Ecchi for a sec there) and then it got decent for a time. While the whole Sagura thing is comical, it isn’t really an OVA as much as a throw-away episode and lost plenty of steam.

Emotional Draw – 4.0

Albeit the story was stupid and dumb, the show had its moments of humor, especially with Kalin’s food her served Tessa! Overall the humor was well done and funny.

Characters – 3.9

Tessa – 3.9

Since she’s pretty much the main and only character you follow longer than 5 minutes though Tessa is her usual self throughout the show. My only wish is they didn’t have that adult scene in the beginning….after all, if seen along with the 3rd season, its essentially the same feeling you got with the twins for that scene (although arguably not quit as offensive in a sense…not sure which sense though). Besides that, you’ll enjoy her encounters with the other characters as coming very funny for Tessa.
Solid at the least.

Creativity – 4.0

Show was fresh in the beginning…and the scenes with the others were rather well done, even if kinda wasted. Fairly solid and isn’t to blame for the rating.

Final Score3.32

(Not necessary to watch and not worth it for the most part. If you must, at least it has some humor)

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