Genre: adventure, Sengoku era, romance, sword and sorcery

English Dub by Viz Media


The  story begins with a young high school girl Kagome accidently falling into the family well. Except this well seems to have no end. While falling a weird creature attacks her, but Kagome pushes it away and sees something fly out of her dress…a beautiful jewel.

Upon seeing a light and coming out the well in a totally different time period, Kagome comes across a well known tree that has a man pinned by an arrow. Curious, she pulls out the arrow and finds he’s really a demon and confuses her with someone else to fight! Fortunately, an old priestess helps her and Kagome subjugates the demon called Inuyasha.

Apparently, that jewel Kagome saw come out of her clothes is the Shikon Jewel of immense power that even great demons seek. And in the process of both learning she has power to purify, Kagome accidently shatters the jewel into a thousand shards in all directions!

So on her way with Inuyasha to find the shards before a sinister demon named Naraku does, she meets some friends and together they seek to correct her mistake and maybe even get Inuyasha to be a human as he claims to have wanted….

STORY – 3.3

I know the beginning might lose some people…lets face it..some of the main characters sucked at acting. But the story is at least entertaining and as you progress, the characters make solid improvements.

Having said this, the beginning is what I liked about the initial plot. A classic romancing of the fight versus good and evil, the Shikon Jewel is the center of it all. You have this special jewel that can grant unbelievable power to its user so that even great demons are looking for it. Its actually quite cool of an idea. As we meet the eventual gang Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango and their quest for Naraku and to recover the Shikon Jewel, each episode keeps up with the plot and is at the very least entertaining.

The idea of Inuyasha being a half-demon also was a neat idea that should make you reminiscent of Bleach for a story line.  It parts with Bleach with the introduction of Inuyasha’s former girlfriend Kikyo. As the story progresses further, I think Kikyo really presents the idea that holding on to the past can be very dangerous….or at least distracting from the people that matter right now. While the viewer has to struggle though more than 50+ episodes of this, I think it comes across not too badly.

Just because its a classic of course doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Such morals such as doing the right thing even for people you don’t like or putting off power for the one you love, these things resonate well with people. Inuyasha will at the very least come off as somewhat refreshing and the very best a show that teaches being a half-demon stinks.

But overall, Inuyasha is certainly a kids show, no matter what the ratings says it is. Not too deep in content and adventure, but enough to at least have you watching a little more.


Initially, any attempt at emotions only brought me laughter, even if seen by the original language, because of the poor facial drawing. And may even seem obnoxious to some people.

However, this being said, you feel like the character’s acting skills grow as the show progresses (at least, with that many episodes it better!). By the end of the show, the emotional draw could receive comparisons to some good films at times. But perhaps that’s more because of Inuyasha’s and Sasshomaru’s acting skill as any scene usually involving Inuyasha having to think sentimentally about Kagome comes off cutely done…

The comedy was pretty funny as things go: Slapstick to people who deserve it usually always gets a smile, and  Inuyasha and Kagome hit it off well throughout the show. “Inuyasha!!! Sit boy!!” are words that brings plenty of laughter to my ears. As long as you like the Three Stooges, I think you’ll find a home in Inuyasha.


Kagome – 2.2

Kagome…where to begin…the tale of two performances? Well, not exactly. I must say, if not for Inuyasha I would have dumped this show in the early stages…her acting is so bad. Any sad part with her just failed epically. Its so dry and fake sounding, I couldn’t help but laugh. Fortunately for her and the show, there were good actors around.

Now when she’s being funny, Kagome comes off decently, and the other note is that her performance does show signs of life as the show progresses….sadly, not until the next show would it be called good acting.

So when all is said and done just make sure you don’t think of Kagome as a main character…or like me you’ll want to laugh her acting off your tv screen.

Inuyasha – 4.4

Without Inuyasha…well it wouldn’t be called Inuyasha. Certainly, he and his brother kept me watching. Funny in his obliviousness towards Kagome’s feelings, the voice acting came across very well in this show. Inuyasha’s impulsiveness in getting in trouble with Kagome was also well done, and his whole struggle at facing who he is was pretty decent.

Most notably the whole Kikyo thing was a good twist for Inuyasha and you get to see another side of him that’s more serious and sad to a point. Definitely one of those shows where the main character does not disappoint.

Miroku – 5.0

Here is a monk who is lecherous. Sounds like a oxymoron? That’s the beauty behind his character. He has a wind tunnel in his hand, given by Naraku, which will eventually swallow him up. After meeting Sango, his heart is hers…well, that doesn’t stop his flirting and his attempt to touch Sango.

Some of the lengths Miroku goes are pretty funny, and I think his dark side comes off cheesily, but with promise. A good overall character…just make sure you keep your distance, girls. 🙂

Sango – 4.4

Sango is a dependable demon slayer with a large metal boomerang. She carriers her emotions on her sleeve a little more when she falls in love with Miroku. And the interactions she has with that lecherous man are pretty funny.

When you learn of her brother Kohaku, the show actually does a decent job with her emotions in those scenes.  Along with that, her sweet faces and loyal personality are sure to catch some emotion for her. A overall good Heroine.

Naraku – 4.8

Naraku represents that classic villain we all hate and lives up to that standard in the acting. The way he comes across very confident while he’s killing all manner of people and things in his evil schemes will be sure to have you hating him for sure. Great villain.

Sasshomaru – 5.0

Right from the start I knew he was going to be special. Sasshomaru, the half brother of inuyasha and full demon, values only his pride and seeks to destroy Naraku because of this. Traveling with a imp Jaken and later befriended a young child named Rin, Sasshomaru is as cool as they come.

Always cool and collecting, I love the way the more emotional points in the show are used by him. An awesome character to contrast Inuyasha.


Jaken – 4.5

Jaken remains a servant of Sasshomaru only because of his devotion. He, being an imp, has a personality which hits well after adding Rin. He is usually rash and thus males him an easy target for Rin to make some of the best lines I’ve ever heard!

“Jaken, you should learn to make your sighs into pretty little flowers. Because then you would have flowers everywhere!”

Rin – 5.0

One of the cutest of the characters, Rin was brought back to life by Sasshomaru because Tenseiga urged him to. Rin is that cute, loyal child who compliments Jaken very well. Her sweet personality and kindheartedness come off very well and delightful.

Kikyo – 3.8

Kikyo used to guard the Jewel, but because of Naraku’s treachery turned her against the half-demon who had asked her hand in marriage: Inuyasha.

Her constant hatred of Inuyasha and Kagome comes off kinda sadly. The better side of Kagome in basically every way (not that it is much of a compliment), her struggle with Inuyasha will probably annoy some and intrigue others. Still, she is a solid character.


For Creativity, its a tale of two halves. First half had little originality and the demons the gang faces tended to be cheesy looking. However, as the halfway point came, the quality improved greatly. Though by no means great art, the artists make the world of Inuyasha seem real enough.

In the second half the incarnations of Naraku are a brilliant idea and with the swords of Inuyasha and Sasshomaru, they are certain to keep the viewer interested. Music was pretty solid too, though most notably the beginning and ending themes are its best strengths. 


(Yes, though there is plenty to hate, I recommend the show for its later strengths. Plus, that sequel was pretty good too)


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